How To Make Money Online By Creating Simple Android Apps With Andromo

We all would agree that there’s much money to be made by developing Android apps.

There are thousands of apps on the PlayStore that provide lots of value for their downloaders and rake in thousands of dollars in profit for their developers.

The smartphone revolution has opened a significant channel for anybody to create a valuable app, reach a global audience, and make money out of it. Although app development seems very lucrative at first, the biggest hurdle that keeps most people from developing their own there apps is the technicalities involved in it.

For a beginner with no technical background developing an Android app is a nightmare.One needs to learn to code, solve the errors, install many tools/software, do testing and deal with many other unforeseen issues.In short, it’s a very very time-consuming process and might take several months to master.

In this post, we are going to show you how to bypass the learning curve involved in app development and quickly build simple Android apps that will passively earn money for you.

However, before we get in the actual nitty-gritty, you must understand a few things below.

Benefits of building simple Android apps:

1) Easy to create

With the help of app builder tool we are going to show you below, you can create apps within a few clicks. No need to learn to code or install anything. 2) Less time-consuming

The tool consists of all premade design templates and other necessary features; you can use all of them to build your apps quickly.3) Low initial investment 

The cost of building such apps is extremely less as compared to building them by yourself or outsourcing them.4) Steady passive income 

Once your app starts ranking higher on the PlayStore, you’ll get a consistent flow of downloads and thus revenue.5) Easy to update

Unlike other apps, apps made with the tools are straightforward to update. Make necessary updates using a few clicks and build a new updated app version within minutes.

Who this is ideal for:

  1. Someone who loves mobile apps and smartphones.
  2. Someone who has the zeal to add value to peoples’ lives using apps.
  3. Someone who is on a limited budget.
  4. Someone who wants stable passive income in the long run and not looking for quick money.

What skills you’ll need:

  1. Ability to create an app using the tool we are going to show you (it’s straightforward, you’ll learn it within a few hours).
  2. Ability to upload app on the Play Store (we’ll show you step by step how to do it).
  3. App store optimization (we’ll show you how to outsource it cheaply so you won’t need to learn it).
  4. Ability to create an App logo (you can cheaply outsource this too if you don’t know how to do it).

What account/tools you’ll need before you get started:

1) Google Play Console account first, you’ll need a Google Play Console account. Get one for yourself by signing up using any of your Gmail accounts. Once inside you’ll need to pay $25 one-time registration fee to Google. Remember this fee is mandatory before you can upload an app.

2) Andromo App Maker SubscriptionAndromo, the cloud-based app maker tool we are going to use to create simple Android apps without coding. You’ll need to buy Andromo’s subscription for creating apps.

Currently, they offer two plans, and we would recommend you to get the ‘Starter’ Plan. 

andromo plans

The reason we are going with the ‘Starter’ plan is that it allows you to display your ads and earn revenue from it.The only catch with this plan is that it doesn’t allow you to use the custom package name, you’ll need to use the default package name provided by Andromo.Another thing is that they’ll show their logo on the about screen of your app.We think if you’re on a strict budget you shouldn’t bother much about the shortfalls of the ‘Starter’ plan.However, if you don’t have budget concern and want to use your custom package name and remove the logo, then you can always choose the ‘Professional’ plan.Why Andromo?Some of you who are knowledgeable about this topic know that there are other app maker tools available in the market then why choose Andromo?Just because it’s the cheapest of them all, easy to use, and can create really stable, high-quality and straightforward apps.This post is more focused on helping people with a tighter budget. We think Andromo should suit them the best.Now once you’re ready with your accounts, it’s time to start the actual work and get your hands dirty.

Step 1 – Find ideas for your app

Finding ideas for your app is the most vital step in this process.In this case, you shouldn’t be thinking about big bright app ideas which will need big budgets and human resources.Instead, think about something simple, unique and valuable that you can yourself build with Andromo.

According to our experience and testing, we think you can build three types of simple apps with Andromo, and they are- Informational apps- Wallpaper apps- Music apps

Let’s take a bit deeper to show you what these app types mean.

1) Informational app

An informational app contains specific information about a particular topic. Mostly the information is in textual format.In short, it contains a list of multiple valuable articles on a particular topic.You can also call it an app version of a blog or a book.Such apps are very easy to create, and if combined with lots of life-changing, unique, quality information it genuinely helps the downloaders and rakes in thousands of downloads for the developer.

Let us show you a few examples.

A) Basic Accounting App

basic accounting app

Image Source

It’s one of the good examples of the informational app. It’s just like a small accounting book in the app form.Many people have liked this app, and it has over a half million downloads to date.

B) 43 Chocolate Cake Recipes

chocolate cake recipes app

Image Source

Again a great example, this app as its title suggests shares 43 chocolate recipes and has over half a million downloads till date.

C) Java Programming

java programming app

Image Source

This app shares Java programming tutorial and code examples. Its downloaders love it, and it has over a million downloads.

2) Wallpaper app

This type of app is straightforward and contains just a group of wallpapers which people can view and download.Making this type of app is extremely easy with Andromo. All you need here is to upload all the wallpapers you want to display inside the app and let Andromo work to create the app for you magically.Look at for some wallpaper apps below.

A) Motivational Quote Wallpapers

motivational quotes app

Image Source

An excellent example of a wallpaper app, it contains a collection of beautiful motivational quote wallpapers.This app has more than a million downloads and over 11k ratings.

B) Black Wallpaper

black wallpaper app

Image Source

It is a simple app which contains, black colored wallpapers.

C) Super Cars Wallpaper

super cars wallpaper app

Image Source

Contains, over 100 supercar wallpapers and has more than 5 million downloads.

3) Music app

An app which plays sounds or music can be categorized into a music app.This is the app category where you can use much creativity.A music app could be as simple as the one who plays car sounds, funny noises, or a whistle.You could even make apps which include relaxing or meditation sounds, and the possibilities are limitless.People love to download music apps, and you can accumulate many downloads for your music app if you add some uniqueness and creativity to it.Check out music apps below to get some ideas.

A) Best Car Sounds

best car sounds app

Image Source

This app contains a variety of supercar sounds and has accumulated more than half a million downloads.It’s a perfect delight for the supercar lovers.

B) Dog Whistle

dog whistle app

Image Source

It’s a simple app which plays whistle sounds.You’ll be surprised to know that this app has garnered more than 5 million downloads. The reason behind the success of this app is that it helps the dog owners to train their dog easily.

C) Rain Sounds – Sleep & Relax

rain sounds app

Image Source

This is a gorgeous app that plays rain sounds which helps you to relax your mind and sleep.This app is a success with over 1 million downloads.The examples which we presented above is to give you ideas about what kind of simple apps you can build.Your primary goal here should be to use these examples and find more and more ideas for your app. Head over to Google Play Store and start digging for apps or ideas that you can fit in the categories mentioned above and jot them down.While browsing any app’s Play Store listing don’t forget to check out the “Similar” and “You might also like” section, here you’ll find lots more ideas.Before we move on to the next step, make sure that you’ve shortlisted and jotted down at least 5 to 8 app ideas. The more ideas you have, the better.

Step 2 – Validate ideas

Once you have 5 to 8 app ideas, it’s time to validate them.Idea validation is an extremely crucial step in the whole process. In this step, you’ll understand whether the app ideas you have are worth pursuing or not.To validate your ideas, you’ll need to do two things, first, store analysis and second, keyword analysis.Now, let’s dive in-depth of the validation process.

1. Store Analysis

At this point, you need to head over to the Google Play Store and do a thorough search for all the ideas you’ve.While searching visit the Play Store pages of at least 5 apps that are ranking for the keywords you’ve entered.Every time you visit an app’s Play Store page look for the following metrics and take a note of them in an excel sheet.a) Number of app downloadsb) Release datec) Featuresd) Ratings e) ReviewsLooking at the things mentioned above will help you understand your market more precisely.The number of app downloads will tell you if there’s a good demand for your app idea or not.If all the top five apps ranking for your keyword is have more than 100k or more downloads, then it’s a great sign which suggests that there’s a good demand for apps related to your idea or keyword.The more downloads top ranking apps have, the better if they have more than a million downloads that’s even better.In this money making strategy we only want to create apps in those markets that already have good demand.We mean the topics in which people are already interested and searching. Our plan here is not to create an app and spend thousands of dollars on marketing; but instead, to look for markets where there’s more substantial demand than supply.We aim to fill in this supply gap and capitalize on the high demand to get downloads. The release date will help you determine how much time did it took for a particular app to get the total downloads since its initial release.In this case, you need to check how much time the apps ranking for your keywords have taken to reach their final download number after their initial release.Here if you find apps which have gotten a significant number of downloads within the lesser period, then it’s a good sign which indicates that there’s a stable trend for downloading such apps.You can find any app’s initial release date, open the Play Store app in your Android phone, visit the app page, click on Read more and scroll till the end.

app release date

Once you find an app which has gathered an ample amount of downloads within a decent period, start thoroughly looking into that app’s features.See if you can model those features in your app using Andromo. Also, look for what you can improve and add in your app. At this step, you should use your creativity to generate ideas for some unique features that will enhance the valuebility of your app.You can get more clues by checking the app’s rating and reading through its reviews.Reading reviews will help you understand why the app is getting good or bad reviews. Which are the app’s most liked and disliked features, what suggestions people are leaving, what they want to be included in the future updates, do they have any complaints and so on.Going through reviews will give you precious data that will help you to construct your app in the right way.In the store analysis phase ensure that you go through and study all the five metrics that we’ve mentioned above.

2. Keyword Analysis

In this phase, your job will be to find keywords (search terms) that are related to your app idea.You’ll need these keywords to check the organic demand for your app idea.Understanding your keywords organic demand is one more way to verify whether people are already interested in your app idea or not.There are two basic methods you can use to find the related keywords for free.First, you can find keywords by typing your app’s main keyword in the Play Store’s search bar and checking out suggestions that appear below.For example, if you want to create an app related to the ketogenic diet. Type in the primary keyword “ketogenic diet” in the search bar and note down the keywords that appear below.

keto keywords

Second, read and titles and description of the top five apps that show up when you enter your main keyword.For example, when you search for “ketogenic diet,” the following apps show in the top five. You should check the title and description of all these and note down the keywords.

keto keyword apps

For demonstration purpose we went through the first app’s description, we found out more related keywords like “keto diet,” “ketogenic diet meal planner,” “ketogenic diet foods.”While going checking out the second app, we found keywords like “keto meals,” “low carb recipes,” “keto recipes,” “low carb diet,” “ketosis,” “keto calculator.”We hope you got the idea about what to do here.Once you’re ready with the keywords, you’ll need to check the organic traffic for those them.Here, you’ll need to subscribe to a tool called Sensortower, and you can sign up here for free.Once signed up, go to the “App Intelligence” section in the left sidebar, click on “App Store Optimization” and select “Keyword Rankings.”

sensortower menu

Next, on the right side click on the “Add New Keyword” button and add all the keywords one by one.As soon as the keywords are added, Sensortower will show the traffic, phone difficulty, and other metrics as shown in the following screenshot.

sensortower keywords

Currently, the free version of Sensortower only allows analyzing five keywords at a time.If you want to analyze more keywords, you can do so by downloading the analysis report of the current analyzed keywords, then deleting them and adding new ones.In this analysis, a keyword should be good to go if it has a traffic score of at least 2.5 or more.Again this is just a recommended requirement and not a compulsion.If you find a keyword whose traffic score is below 2.5, but in the store analysis phase you found that apps ranking for that keywords have fetched over 100k downloads in a shorter span then, in this case, you can ignore the traffic score and shortlist that keyword.

Step 3 – Create the app

App creation is the most happening step of all other steps. It is where you’re going to sign in to Andromo and start building your app.However, before starting to build your apps make sure you’ve got at least one of your app idea validated thoroughly by going through Step 1 and Step 2.Creating apps via Andromo is relatively straightforward. You can create informational, wallpaper and music apps with ease while customizing them according to your taste.Explaining how to create apps in Andromo step by step is out of the scope of this article.We are confident that you’ll learn to create apps as within a few hours of practice as the process is reasonably straightforward.However, during the app creation process, if you still have any questions, you can always contact their dedicated support or post them on user forum to get them resolved. 

Step 4 – Monetize the app

In this step, you’ll learn how to monetize your app and make money out of it.The best way to monetize any simple Android app is by displaying ads.Andromo has made displaying your ads inside the app extremely easy. It allows you to show ads from various popular ad networks such as Admob, Facebook Audience Network, Amazon Mobile Ads, AppBrain, AppLovin, and StartApp.In the beginning, we would recommend you to start with Admob ads because they are easy to set up and pay better.To integrate Admob with Andromo, you’ll have to create an ad unit for each banner and interstitial ad.You’ll have to paste the ID’s of each ad unit into Andromo.Andromo has a dedicated guide which contains step by step instructions for setting up Admob ads, you can refer this guide to integrate ads.

andromo admob integration

One last thing to remember here, once you’ve added your ad unit id’s scroll down to “Interstitial Ad Settings” and set Time between Ads like 4 minutes or more.This setting ensures that your interstitial ads will be only shown after the interval of 4 minutes or more.Interstitial ads are the ones who use full screen to display the ad. They help in grabbing the app user’s attention and generate more revenue for us.However, using them too frequently irritates the user and disturbs his/her’s experience while using the app.Users don’t like ads, and if you show them interstitial ads too frequently, they might end up uninstalling your app or leaving a low rating or a bad review, and in any condition, we don’t want users to be unhappy.In our testing so far we have concluded that people are okay with interstitial ads if they’re shown at an interval of 4 minutes or more, keep anything less than that, and they won’t like it.So don’t forget to configure this setting accordingly in any case.

andromo interstitial setting

Step 5 – Do app store optimization

App store optimization (ASO) is the process of optimizing an app’s title and description with the aim of improving its visibility in the Play Store.Improved visibility helps an app rank higher and thus fetch more downloads.You can know more about ASO here.

In this step, you can decide whether you want to learn ASO on your own or outsource it.Learning ASO needs significant time, and you’ll be needed to invest money in the right course and an ASO tool.If you want to launch your app at the earliest and save some bucks, we would recommend you to outsource the ASO job.Fiverr has many freelancers who offer complete ASO services at a reasonable price.We would suggest you outsource the ASO job to a Fiverr freelancer that fits your need.

Step 6 – Launch the app

When you reach this point ideally, you should have the .apk file of your app which you’ll get from Andromo and the ASO app title and description received from the freelancer.In this step, you’ll upload your app’s .apk file to the Play Store Developer console.Here you’ll also be required to upload your app’s logo, screenshots, title, short description, and long description.For more details refer to this video on publishing android app step by step or ask Andromo support for guidance.

Mindset and expectations

Once you’ve launched your app your job will be to see how your app performs and try to make it better over the period. It takes time for the Play Store to understand your app’s title and description and show it in the search results.You won’t see huge downloads in your app from the next you after you release it. However, steady growth will show up within the first three months.The idea here is to be patient and let Play Store’s algorithm work. In the meanwhile, you can make your app better by adding new features, studying its reviews, improving its navigation, look and feel and so on. If you’ve done all the previous research and ASO correctly, you’ll see steady downloads for your app which will give you steady ad revenue.Once you see success with your first app, you can rinse and repeat the strategy to launch multiple apps and maximize your income.

Important things to remember

1) Never copy someone’s content. Always create and use the original content inside your apps. If you’re buying or borrowing someone else’s work make sure you have the permission to use it commercially.Play Store has stringent copyright policies. If they found that you are using copyrighted content inside your app, chances are they’ll completely remove your app or ban you for a lifetime.Whatever content you’ll be using may it be text, images or sounds, make sure that you have created them or you have specific rights to use them commercially.It’s always better for your business to stay compliant with the rules. 2) Never mess with the Admob ads.Once you integrate Admob into your app, you’ll start seeing ads inside your app.As the developer of the app and the owner Admob account, you are not allowed to click on your own ads or ask someone else do it for you.Only the ad clicks that you naturally get from people who use your app are allowed.Admob has a rigorous fraud detection system. If their system detects that you’re using some artificial tricks to inflate the number of ad clicks, they’ll terminate your account permanently, and you would never be able to use Admob for your entire life.Admob is one of the easiest ways for monetizing your app, but you need to be extremely careful while using it.Make sure you never do something that is forbidden by Admob’s terms and conditions.

Wrapping Up

Creating simple android apps and monetizing them with ads is one of the best and easiest ways to make money online.It requires a little investment to start and provides a stable and passive income in the long term.Anyone who follows all the necessary steps mentioned above and has patience can succeed in this.So why wait? Start the work and earn money online.

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  1. Hi. I was wondering if I shouldn’t be worried about copyright strikes, especially when using other’s rightful contents as wallpapers/music/etc. Will crediting them alone suffices? Wouldn’t they benefit the most in this case?

    • There are lots of websites that provide royalty-free images and music which can be used professionally. You can source your wallpapers and music from such sites without worrying about copyright strikes or crediting the original owners.

  2. nice informations
    but i need to ask you a question

    how do you make :
    Java Programming

    Basic Accounting App

    Best Car Sounds

    Dog Whistle

    Rain Sounds – Sleep & Relax

    i just started profesional plan on andromo

    but i cant see any template for those apps.

    • Andromo gives you complete control over the kind of app you want to build. Hence it does not provide you templates. You can create apps similar to your mentioned ones by adding activities (features) of your choice from the Activities section.


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